Our Story


Our Story as a family began in 2005 when we got hitched.

Our story as parents began in 2009 when we had our first of 3 kids.

The Story of our becoming self-employed began in 2012 when my husband and I began a general contracting business out of the spare room in our house.

The Story of Homeschooling began in 2014.

The Story got interesting… The next couples of years proved the hardest of our lives, trying to balance career and family, coping with devastating losses within relationships and poor physical health, as well as trying to reconcile our faith with an the ever increasing feelings of frustration and burn-out.

The things that I thought would bring me happiness ended up becoming unfulfilling, what I thought to be true became uncertain and I was spiraled into an internal depression and darkness.

And then the light came on.

I gave up somewhere down the road. I lost control of my home, my emotions, my thoughts. I let my life get so loud that I lost myself in the chaos of it.

In a fleeting moment of listening for God’s divine intervention, the light came on. “Quiet your life.” rung in my spirit, and I knew for the first time in a long time, what to do.

My story got brighter when I turned things off. Turned off the tv, the movies, the Netflix. Turned off Facebook and Instagram. Turned down side jobs and additional events. Turned off unfair expectations, turned off guilt based commitment…turned it off!

My story got brighter because if the process of turning the external noises off, I was able to finally hear the still small voice in my soul. I could finally hear from the girl who got shushed into submission by “adulting”. I remembered who I was, what I believed and what I really wanted to do in life.

Over the course of 2 years, by the grace of God, we made some radical changes and some very subtle ones, that set the course for a new life that I’m eager to take hold of. I discovered some truths and wisdoms that I hope to communicate through this blog, The Honest Nest, aptly named because it was only when I was able to get honest with myself, in my home, that I was able to change for the better.