Flying the Coop    

We are happy to announce that as of THIS WEEK we have signed our Nest over to a new owner and we are on the hunt for a new one!

Wow! It happened so fast! We love our home so much so why move…well here’s why.

  1. We want to move closer to my family and church community
  2. We want to downsize (what?! 3 kids and 2 cats and we want a smaller house? Yup. next point explains why)
  3. We want to save oodles of money so we can buy a bunch of land and build a cool house in a few years

We have narrowed down the search to 2 so far!

A Charming Blue Colonial…

And a Cozy Little Cape Cod

Both houses have character and will require a fair bit of creativity and TLC to make them  a home but we are ready for the challenge and can completely see their potential!

One more round of look-overs and we will be set to pick one and put in an offer on one!!


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